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About Symbiotic Labs

We’re looking for the awesome people who are going to teach us and learn from us, so we can continue to improve and deliver more than the sum of our parts.

We are an intentionally small co-located team of exceptionally talented software development professionals.

We're a javascript-first shop, while being ready to leverage other languages when needed.

We solve world class problems and attract world class talent.

Our Values

Flexibility & Work Life Balance

Work life balance is not a ratio, it is a constant juggling game. There are times when it makes sense to work more or less, and we bake in enough flexibility for people to manage that on their own. We gauge a team member's success based on delivering on their commitments, not on the volume of work.

Empower Experts

We hire smart people and empower them to figure out the best approach to building software, reducing the need for micro management. We believe in enabling each other to succeed rather than micro-managing to prevent failure.

Be Pragmatically Optimistic

When we see something wrong, we either fix it or move past it. We recognize that negativity brings the whole team down, so we choose to bring a positive energy to work each day. We see challenges rather than problems, and focus on areas where we can have a positive impact.

Deliver value over checking boxes

We always ask why. We dig beneath the surface to fully understand our customers asks, and ensure that we deliver what they need. We help our clients bridge the gap between their vision, and what is possible.

Open Positions

Senior Software Engineer / Technical Lead

We're looking for an experienced software engineer with the aptitude and motivation to quickly grow into a client facing Technical Lead role. You should be interested in joining an intentionally small, co-located team where you will have the freedom to do the work you love while working with people who genuinely care about the quality and impact of their work. We are a family-friendly company and this position allows for flexibility in the hours you choose to work, with little to no travel required, and flexibility for you to choose how much vacation time you need for your non-work goals and your work life balance. We offer a competitive compensation package to include above average pay ($100 - $120k), flexible 401k, medical, HSA, discretionary funds for professional development, Short Term and Long Term Disability, Life Insurance and more.

You should have:

  • Experience writing Javascript for both the client and server
  • Experience or interest in scoping and estimating in collaboration with stakeholders
  • The ability to provide mentorship and coaching to technical team members
  • The confidence to propose alternative solutions, cut through analysis paralysis to pick a solution, and the ability to implement it
  • Willingness to engage in healthy conflict to arrive at the best solution
  • Desire to work closely with stakeholders to ensure we understand the why of what they’re asking for

As a small team, we are looking for unique talents or specialties. We'd love to find a team member who is deeply passionate in any of these areas: AWS, Material UI, Open Layers / GIS, Cypress, Restful media types and hypermedia, GraphQL, React Native, Electron, Machine Learning and AI, Redis, ElasticSearch, Monitoring and Alerting, Database Optimization, Firebase, serverless computing, event oriented architectures, etc.

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